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The following Books are available from the Heritage Group. Most of the prices given do not include postage. Please email us with any Book requests for total cost or enquiries.

Moota Camp 103 BookMoota Camp 103: The Story of a Cumbrian Prisoner-of-War Camp, Gloria Edwards, £5.99 (includes p & p)

The War Years BookThe War Years – Life in Cockermouth and at the Moota POW Camp, Gloria Edwards, £8.99 (includes p & p)

Cockermouth Amateur Theatre BookCockermouth Amateur Theatre - A Pictorial History, Greg Greenhalgh, sorry, no more copies available at present

‘Cockermouth in Pictures’ series by J Bernard Bradbury, £1.80 each:

Book Cockermouth 1Book 1 – Industry Part One

Book Cockermouth 2Book 2 – Industry Part Two

Book Cockermouth 3Book 3 – Castle

Book Cockermouth 4Book 4 – Wordsworth House

Book Cockermouth 5Book 5 – Rail, Road and River

Book Cockermouth 6Book 6 – Houses

Book Cockermouth 7Book 7 – Churches and Schools

Book Cockermouth 8Book 8 – Maps and Plans

Book Cockermouth 9Book 9 – Public Buildings

Book Cockermouth 10Book 10 – Inns and Taverns

Book Cockermouth 11Book 11 – Yards and Courts

Book Civic TrustCockermouth’s Civic Trust – Its Aims and Achievements, J Bernard Bradbury, 60p

Book Walks from CockermouthWalks from Cockermouth, J Bernard Bradbury, 60p

Book Walks round the townCockermouth - Walks Round the Town, J Bernard Bradbury, 60p

Welton School BookWelton School Memories, Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

SweetBriar BookH.M.S. "Sweetbriar" The Adopted Ship by Wigton, Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Fairfield SchoolA Part of Fairfield School’s History (1925-1949), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book St JosephsThe History of St Joseph’s Roman Catholic School (1877-1984), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book All SaintsThe History of All Saints’ National School (1869-1972), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Lorton SchoolLorton General School – the Victorian History (1872-1902), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book EvacueesCockermouth’s Evacuees (1939-1945), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Lord Mayo's StatueLord Mayo’s Statue Cockermouth, Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Fletcher Family's connections with the Knacker TradeThe Fletcher Family’s Connections with the Cockermouth Knacker Trade, Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Carnegie LibraryCockermouth’s Carnegie Free Library, Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Comparisons 1Cockermouth Comparisons 1 (1851), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Comparisons 2Cockermouth Comparisons 2 (1881), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book FletchertownThe Birth of Fletchertown, Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book HMS MelbreakThe History of HMS Melbreak, Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book All HallowsAll Hallows, Fletchertown – the Story of a Parish, Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book All Saints National School ScholarMemories of a Cockermouth All Saints’ National School Scholar (1904-1948), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Cockermouth people Book 1Cockermouth People (Book 1) (1834-1911), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Cockermouth people Book 2Cockermouth People (Book 2) (1911-1918), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Cockermouth people Book 3Cockermouth People (Book 3) (1919-1971), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Cockermouth people Book 4Cockermouth People (Book 4) (1886-1978), Mick Jane, £5 + £1.50 postage

Book Harris ThreadThe Harris Thread – the family, the linen and the impact Aline Elliott, £3

Book Christ ChurchChrist Church – a brief history of the Church and its impact on the town of Cockermouth, Aline Elliott, £1

Book MEBDurability, Economy, Efficiency: A book of kitchen management from 1903 David Lewis. This 112, A5 full-colour book is available for £7.50 (inc p&p and £2 to CHG funds) from David

'Durability, Efficiency, Economy' were the three words that Mary Eleanor Blakey used at the end of a 100-page notebook filled with marvellous copperplate script to sum up her approach to work in the kitchen.

The book was begun in 1903, and added to throughout the rest of Mary's life until her death in 1939. It then lay undisturbed for 75 years until discovered as part of a charity shop donation in Selby, Yorkshire.

Edited for publication by local historian David Lewis, it contains 75 of her recipes, kitchen management tips and a review of the modern way in which she taught her kitchencraft to miners' daughters in Rothwell near Leeds. It also contains a detailed biography - and this is where the book may be of interest to Cockermouth residents.

With the help of many local groups, including the Cockermouth Heritage Group, and Mary's great niece, David has managed to piece together Mary's life story. Born near Ripon in 1876 to family of tenant farmers, in 1909 Mary married James William ('Willie') Hall of Evening Hill, Cockermouth.

They lived at that address until his death in 1937. Much of the book was probably composed whilst Mary lived in Cockermouth.

Willie was a renowned agriculturalist, sheep breeder and figure of local importance, being a partner in Smails. Bros & Hall, clothiers of 28 Main Street. Mary was Commandant of the Cockermouth Auxiliary Hospital in WW1, for which work she received an MBE.

They were separated in death. Willie is buried in Cockermouth with many of his close family referred to on his headstone. Yet no mention is made of Mary, who is buried in isolation in Carlisle.

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