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Cockermouth Amateur Theatre

A Photographic Chronology

Year Play Location
1792 King Richard III Brown Cow Cockermouth
1849 Cockermouth Amateurs – The Drama of Charles II Theatre Loyal, Rubby Banks
1854 Four one-act plays: the tragedy, Jane Shore, the farce, Supper For Five, the comedy, John Bull, and the farce, The Captain Is Not A Miss! Sun Inn
1876 Cockermouth Christy Minstrels Assembly Rooms
1879 Cockermouth Entertainment Society - double bill: All a Hoax / The Virginia Mummy Royal Assembly Rooms
Cockermouth Christy Minstrels Royal Assembly Rooms
Cockermouth Entertainment Society double bill – The Harvest Storm and The Family Feud Public Hall
1880 Cockermouth Christy Minstrels Public Hall
1882 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society – double bill; Old Soldiers / Should Meet the Eye (first public performance of CADS) Public Hall
Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society – double bill; Parted & The Mudborough Election Public Hall
1884 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Club – double bill; One Hundred Thousand Pounds & Night at Notting Hill
Cockermouth Christy Minstrels Public Hall
1885 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Club – double bill; All That Glitters Is Not Gold & Tweedleston's Tail Coat Public Hall
1886 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Club – Private Secretary
1888 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Club – The Private Secretary
1891 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Club – double bill; The Ladies Battle & Sarah's Young Man Public Hall
1893 Cockermouth Amateur Minstrel Entertainment Public Hall
1904 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society – Our Boys
1905 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society - double bill; Garrick / Who's Who Public Hall
1906 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society – double bill; Who's Who? / Turn Him Out The National School
The Gitane
1907 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society – The Old Story Public Hall
1908 Cockermouth Christy Minstrels Public Hall
1921 CAOS - The Pirates of Penzance Grand Theatre
1922 CAOS - Mikado Grand Theatre
CAO&DS - Tilly of Bloomsbury Grand Theatre
1923 CAOS - Patience Grand Theatre
CAO&DS - All Of A Sudden Peggy Grand Theatre
1924 CAOS - The Gondoliers Grand Theatre
CAOS - A Café Chantant Public Hall
1925 CAOS - Dorothy Grand Theatre
1926 CAOS - A Country Girl Grand Theatre
1927 CAOS - Florodora Grand Theatre
CAO&DS - Are You A Mason Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Dear Departed
WEA Players - The Price of Coal
1928 CAOS - Miss Hook of Holland Grand Theatre
CAO&DS - Eliza Comes to Stay Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Shadow of the Glen
WEA Players - Double Demon
WEA Players - Escape
WEA Players - The Skin Game
1929 CAOS - Gipsy Love Grand Theatre
CAO&DS - Paddy the Next Best Thing Grand Theatre
WEA Players - You Never Can Tell
WEA Players - Rising Sun
WEA Players - One Hundred Year’s Old
1930 CAOS - Toreador Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Everyman of Every Street
WEA Players - The Man Who Wouldn’t Go To Heaven
WEA Players - The Romantic Young Lady
1931 CAOS - Iolanthe Grand Theatre
CAO&DS - Lord Richard in the Pantry
CAOS - Variety Entertainment Grand Theatre
CAOS - Optimists Grand Theatre
WEA Players - The Valiant
WEA Players - Point of View
WEA Players - The Tragedy of Man
1932 CAOS - Duchess of Dantzic Grand Theatre
CAO&DS - The Middle Watch Grand Theatre
WEA Players - The Theatre
WEA Players - The Three Wayfarers
WEA Players - Crime at Blossoms
1933 CAOS - The Street Singer Grand Theatre
CAO&DS - Bulldog Drummond Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Nine Till Six
WEA Players - Capt Brassbound’s Conversation
WEA Players - Symphony in Illusion
1934 CAOS - Tonight's the Night Grand Theatre
WEA Players - The Whiteheaded Boy
WEA Players - No Man's Island
WEA Players - A Long Xmas Dinner
WEA Players - Romany Road
WEA Players - Storm in Port
1935 CAOS - Sally Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Happy Journey to Trenton and Cambden
WEA Players - Godstone Nunnery
WEA Players - Who Killed Me
WEA Players - The Silver Box
1936 CAOS - Princess Charming Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Love and How to Cure It
WEA Players - Women at War
WEA Players - Confutation of Wisdom
1937 CAOS - Memories of the Opera - by past and present members Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Gap of the Winds
WEA Players - Herod
WEA Players - Mystery at Greenfingers
WEA Players - Boyd’s Shop
1938 All Saints Pantomime Company - Babes in the Wood Town Hall
WEA Players - Pygmalion Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Count Albany
WEA Players - Spring is in the Air
WEA Players - The Great Dark
WEA Players - Broken Fold
WEA Players - Unnatural Scene
WEA Players - Tobias and the Angel
WEA Players - End of the Beginning
WEA Players - Amazons on Broadway
1941 All Saints Pantomime Company - Mother Goose Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Nine Till Six
WEA Players - If Four Walls Told
1943 WEA Players - Ladies in Retirement
Cockermouth Christy Minstrels - Christy Minstrel Revival
WEA Players - Cradle Song
1944 WEA Players - The Importance of Being Earnest
Cockermouth Christy Minstrels – Minstrel and Variety Show
1945 WEA Players - Tudor Thorns
WEA Players - Ten Days Before the Wedding
WEA Players - Silver Cord Lorton St Hall
WEA Players - Orange Blossom Lorton St Hall
WEA Players - Her Affairs in Order
Cockermouth Christy Minstrels – Minstrel and Variety Show Grand Theatre
WEA Players - Dangerous Corner Lorton Street Hall
1946 WEA Players - Gaslight
WEA Players - Double Demon
WEA Players - The Valiant / Everybody’s Husband Rawnsley Hall Keswick
1947 WEA Players - I Have Five Daughters Christ Church Rooms
WEA Players - Dark Brown
WEA Players - Granite
1948 WEA Players - Great Day
WEA Players - Doll's House
WEA Players - At Mrs Beams
1949 WEA Players - There’s No Problem
WEA Players - Excerpts from past productions to mark the 21st Birthday Christ Church Rooms
WEA Players - The Dear Departed
1950 WEA Players - Pink String and Sealing Wax
WEA Players - Give Me Yesterday
1951 WEA Players - Outward Bound
WEA Players - The Paragon
WEA Players - The Happiest Days of Your Life
1952 Cockermouth Players - The Heiress Christ Church Rooms
Cockermouth Players - The Poltergeist
1953 Cockermouth Players - Juno and Paycock Town Hall C'mouth
Theatre Royal Work'ton
1954 All Saints' Pantomime Company’s - Goodie Two Shoes Grand Theatre
Cockermouth Players - Ma Vatch
Cockermouth Players - Quiet Night Christ Church Rooms
Cockermouth Players - Haul for the Shore Christ Church Rooms
1955 Cockermouth Players – Corinth House Christ Church Rooms
1956 Cockermouth Players - School for Spinsters
Cockermouth Players - Off The Deep End
1957 Cockermouth Players - Murder Mistaken
Cockermouth Players - A Lady Mislaid
1958 Cockermouth Players - Quiet Weekend
Cockermouth Players - No Escape Christ Church Rooms
1959 Cockermouth Players - Sailor Beware
1960 Cockermouth Players - Sunday Costs Five Pesos / Continental Customs / Riches and Rags Derwent Centre
Cockermouth Players - Symphonie Pastororale Derwent Centre
Cockermouth Players - Ladies in Retirement Christ Church Rooms
1965 Sadie Cussons Dance School - Cinderella Derwent Centre
1966 Cockermouth Drama Group - Watch It Sailor Derwent Centre
Sadie Cussons Dance School - Dick Whittington
1967 Cockermouth Drama Group - Something to Hide Derwent Centre
1968 Cockermouth Drama Group - Spring And The Oakleys Derwent Centre
1970 Experiments in Entertainment - The House of Bernarda Alba / The Happy Journey Derwent Centre
1972 Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society - A Privy Council / Its Autumn Now All Saints Church Rooms
1973 Cockermouth Drama Group - Three one act plays Home is the Hunted / The Witching Hour / Green For Danger All Saints Church Rooms
1974 Cockermouth Drama Group - Three one act plays Without Portfolio / White Blackmail / World Without Men All Saints Church Rooms
Cockermouth Drama Group - Fools Paradise
1975 Cockermouth Drama Group - The Danger Line
Cockermouth Drama Group - Rock-a-bye Sailor All Saints Church Rooms
Blue Box Century Theatre
1976 Cockermouth Drama Group - Motive for Murder All Saints Church Rooms
1977 Cockermouth Drama Group - Strike Happy All Saints Church Rooms
1981 Cockermouth Drama Group - Duet of Two Hands All Saints Church Rooms
1984 CADS - Christmas Crackers Victoria Hall
1985 CADS - The Beauty of Buttermere Derwent Centre
CADS – Pyramus and Thisbe from A Midsummer Night’s Dream Cockermouth Castle
CADS - The Servant of Two Masters Lorton Road Theatre
Cleator Civic Hall
Wigton Peel Theatre
CADS - Christmas Crackers II Victoria Hall
1986 CADS - Mixed Doubles Lorton Road Theatre
CADS - Victorian Evening Victoria Hall
CADS - Drunkard’s Dilemma Keswick School
CADS - The Incredible Vanishing … Derwent Centre
Rosehill Theatre
1987 CADS - Abigail’s Party Victoria Hall
CADS - Hobson’s Choice Lorton Road Theatre
CADettes Evening Lorton Road Theatre
CADS - Ah Cruel Fate
CADS - Educating Rita Lorton Road Theatre
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - The Heartless Princess Derwent Centre
CADS – Good Old Days Keswick School
1988 CADS - Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay ! Victoria Hall
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - The Crucible Pardshaw Hall
CADS - Friday Night Live The Office
CADS - Ten Times Table Globe
CADS - 84 Charing Cross Road All Saints School
CADS - Black Comedy Globe
Rosehill Theatre
1989 CADS - Accrington Pals Globe
CADS - Mother Courage Pardshaw Hall
CADS - Habeas Corpus Globe
CADS - The Dumb Waiter Globe
Rosehill Theatre
CADS -Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswoman's Guild Dramatic Society presentation of A Christmas Carol Globe
Rosehill Theatre
1990 CADS - A Man For All Seasons Globe
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - Animal Farm All Saints School
CADS - A Chorus of Disapproval Globe
CADS - Rose Globe
CADS - Old Time Music Hall Globe
1991 CADS - Look Back In Anger Globe
Blue Box Keswick
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - Twelfth Night Globe
Blue Box Keswick
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - Jesus Christ Superstar Mitchells Auction
CADS - The Government Inspector Globe
Rosehill Theatre
1992 CADS – Sheep Globe
Rosehill Theatre
CADS – Measure for Measure Globe
Rosehill Theatre
Blue Box Keswick
CADS - Living Together Globe
Blue Box Keswick
CADS - Jesus Christ Superstar Carnegie Workington
Marvejols France
CADS - Waiting for Godot Rosehill Theatre
CADS - The Killing of Sister George Rosehill Theatre
1993 CADS - On the Razzle Globe
Rosehill Theatre
Stanwix Carlisle
CADS - Dracula Spectacula Carnegie Workington
CADS - Death of a Salesman Globe
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - Accidental Death of an Anarchist Globe
Rosehill Theatre
Stanwix Carlisle
CADS - The Glory of Love Hundith Hill Hotel
1994 CADS - Richard III Globe
Rosehill Theatre
Stanwix Carlisle
CADS - Shakers Globe
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - The Two Of Us Globe
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - Our Day Out The Scout Centre
CADS - What the Butler Saw The Globe
1995 CADS - Much Ado About Nothing Kirkgate Centre
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - My Mother Said I Never Should Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Shirley Valentine Kirkgate Centre
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - Trumpets and Raspberries Lakeland Sheep & Wool Centre
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - Laughing Away The Pain Kirkgate Centre
1996 CADS - Amadeus Kirkgate Centre
Rosehill Theatre
CADS - Willy Nilly Scout Centre
Edinburgh Fringe
CADS - Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell Kirkgate Centre
CADS - The Alchemist Kirkgate Centre
Rosehill Theatre
1997 CADS - Hedda Gabler Kirkgate Centre
CADS - One For The Road Kirkgate Centre
1998 CADS - The Cherry Orchard Kirkgate Centre
CADS - For One Night Only Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Daisy Pulls It Off Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Whistle Down The Wind Kirkgate Centre
1999 CADS - The Homecoming Kirkgate Centre
CADS - A Midsummer Nights Dream Kirkgate Centre
Marvejols France
CADS - Entertaining Mr Slone Kirkgate Centre
Keswick Theatre
2000 CADS - Talking Heads Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Jane Eyre Kirkgate Centre
CADS - A View from the Bridge Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Death and the Maiden Kirkgate Centre
CADS - When We Are Married Kirkgate Centre, Fletchertown, Dean, Kirkbampton, Plumbland, Rosely, St.Bees and Ravenglass
2001 CADS - Talking Heads II Kirkgate Centre
CADS - She Stoops to Conquer Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Popcorn1 Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Twelfth Night Kirkgate Centre
Marvejols France
CADS - Lysistrata Kirkgate Centre
2002 CADS - Rumpelstilskin Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Blithe Spirit Kirkgate Centre, Keswick Theatre, Ravenglass, Rosley, Plumbland, St Bees, Kirkbampton
CADS - Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue S'il Vous Plaít Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Starlight Express Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Dancing at Lughnasa Kirkgate Centre
2003 CADS - Cinderella Kirkgate Centre
CADS - The Vagina Monologues Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Outside Edge Kirkgate Centre, Ravenglass, Caldbeck, Mawbray, Keswick Theatre
2004 CADS - Jack and the Beanstalk Kirkgate Centre
CADS - The Vagina Monologues Stanwix Carlisle
Keswick Theatre
CADS - Get Up And Tie Your Fingers Kirkgate Centre
2005 CADS - Dick Whittington Kirkgate Centre
CADS - On the Couch with Bridgitte and Trudy Kirkgate Centre
CADS - How The Other Half Loves Kirkgate Centre, Ravenglass, Caldbeck, Mawbray, Keswick Theatre
2006 CADS - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Christmas Carol Kirkgate Centre
2007 CADS - The Dresser Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Absolute Turkey Kirkgate Centre, Ravenglass, Caldbeck, Mawbray
2008 CADS - Thick As A Brick Kirkgate Centre
CADS - The Memory of Water Kirkgate Centre
2009 CADS - Aladdin Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Just Between Ourselves Kirkgate Centre
CADS - April in Paris Kirkgate Centre
2010 CADS - Babes in the Wood Kirkgate Centre
CADS - Noises Off

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