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Cockermouth Post Article April 2011

The Globe Hotel has played a central part in Cockermouth life for around 300 years now. It would have been a busy hostelry in its heyday, with stagecoaches stopping there, and passengers arriving from the station (then at Low Road). The 1861 Directory mentions a stagecoach delivering mail and picking up passengers for Keswick (2.15 p.m. each afternoon, plus 9.15 a.m. on a Saturday, returning the same day). The Globe also played host to Robert Louis Stevenson when he visited Cockermouth in 1871. If you wanted a good night out in 1859 you could visit the Assembly Room at the Globe Hotel and see Wallis’s panorama, which was a collection of ‘dissolving’ views, ‘delineating travels by Railroad, Steam Boat, etc., through England, Scotland and Wales’. Views on offer depicted ‘Lady in a Storm on Skiddaw, the Cumberland Cobbler, Truant Schoolboy, and the Barber and the Cook. It’s a little vague as to what ‘dissolving views’ were, but Mr Wallis was charging one shilling for the privilege for front seats, and 6d for other seats – quite a large outlay for an evening’s entertainment in 1859. He promised ‘fun and laughter for the mirthful, and all classes, old or young, rich or poor, cannot fail to pronounce this Exhibition well worthy of a visit.’

Another interesting snippet regarding The Globe for 1760:

For a time during March there was a Dromedary Camel at the
Globe Inn, Cockermouth. People could see this strange animal
if they could afford to pay the 9d demanded for a view.

(from Diary of Isaac Fletcher of Underwood 1756-1781, ed. A Winchester)

We may be rather blasé nowadays about seeing a camel, with modern communications and ease of travel, but back then it would have been a source of great curiosity for many people. We look forward to seeing The Globe back in operation (with or without camels!).

Gloria Edwards

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Camels on Main Street from a slightly later era CPApr2011pic